About Shinshusnow

Shinshusnow is run by Jade & Aya Barham. We started building this site in 2012 while seeing and hearing a lot of people asking for more detailed online information about Hakuba and the Nagano ski resorts in general.

While our goal for the site is to be the number one place for up-to-the-minute content, while based in NZ we continue to add stoke to the area while providing an information resource for visitors and locals alike.

aya barham about shinshusnow profileSnow has been part of Aya’s life since piling into her parents car with her brother and sister every New Years holiday, folding the back seats into a bed and driving through the night. From skiing to cross country to snowboarding, Aya has spent her fair share of time on the snow, though she is equally as comfortable under the kotatsu eating mikan.

Her mother was a ski instructor, and she’ll never forget breaking her arm and her mother telling her to “fight” while they skied the rest of the day (to Mamiko’s credit, she didn’t know it was broken.) Her father can be found cooking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, carving on his alpine board, doing yoga, and digging snow. Aya moved to Hakuba at age 8 when her parents bought a Pension in Goryu.


jade barham about shinshusnow profileJade is from Napier, NZ. He had the urge to shred since watching Roadkill with his skater mates all those years ago and got addicted to bombing Wellington’s hills; living in the mountains was a dream for years, and missions to Ruapehu didn’t really cut it.

After multiple trips scoping out the area while teaching in Nagoya he moved to Hakuba in 2006 and worked full-time for Evergreen Outdoor Center until the end of 2013, which gave him a solid grounding in the area, the snow, and the lifestyle, and a number of seasons to explore the resorts in and around Hakuba and greater Nagano.

Barham Family, March 2015

Jade & Aya have a 3 year old son, a baby girl, and are currently based in NZ reconnecting with friends and family. With the grandparents and sister on skype every other day, Nagano doesn’t feel that far away. Once our kids have grown enough to enjoy it we plan to come back every Winter at least – see you there soon!