Getting to Hakuba

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There are several options when it comes to getting to Hakuba. If you are arriving at Narita Airport and happy going direct then Option #1 is definitely recommended.

1. Direct “shuttle bus” transfers from Narita Airport.

Easiest – picked up from the airport, luggage packed on – no need to think about lugging your bags from one transfer to another.

2. Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Nagano then bus transfer to Hakuba.

Fastest option from Tokyo. If combined with sending on your large luggage through the airport/hotel, then it makes for an easy, comfortable trip.

3. Highway Buses departing Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Matsumoto and more, with several stops around Hakuba.

Cheap and comfortable option.

4. JR Rail Network direct trains via Matsumoto depart every hour or so. In general the cheaper the ticket, the more stops there are and the longer the trip takes.

Direct train departing Tokyo early in the morning is a great way to travel to Hakuba combining price, comfort and ease of travel.

Details About Getting to Hakuba

For detailed access information from specific areas please click the links below.

If your area isn’t included you can do a quick search for train prices and timetables on Jorudan – just find the name of the station closest to where you will be staying and search from there to Hakuba as shown below.

Click here to do your own search on Jorudan.

Getting to Hakuba with Jorudan

From Narita

Click to go to our Narita to Hakuba page for details about trains, buses and shuttle buses.

From Tokyo

Click to go to our Tokyo to Hakuba page for details about trains and buses.

From Matsumoto

Click to go to our Matsumoto to Hakuba page for details about the train.

From Nagoya

Click to go to our Nagoya to Hakuba page for details about trains and buses.

From Osaka & Kyoto

Click to go to our Osaka to Hakuba or Kyoto to Hakuba page for details about trains and buses.

Luggage Forwarding Service

yamato takkyubin - kuronekoGetting to Hakuba doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you will be spending time in Tokyo then think about sending gear direct to your accommodation in Hakuba and traveling light.

The courier company known as “Kuroneko” (“Black Cat”) Yamato Takkyubin is reliable (this is Japan remember), reasonable (around ¥2,500 for a snowboard bag stuffed full) and fast – 1-2 days depending on time of sending. Look for the yellow cat logo (left) at the airport.

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What’s Missing from “Getting to Hakuba”?

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