Getting from Matsumoto to Nagano

Matsumoto to Nagano Map

The distance from Matsumoto to Nagano is around 70 km. The train takes a bit more than 1 hour, and if you have a car it will take around 1.5 hours using the highway.

Matsumoto to Nagano By Train

There are several trains, ranging in price from ¥1,140-2,840. The JR Shinonoi is the cheapest and is comfortable. It is a reasonably short journey. The Shinano costs ¥2,840 ad takes 50 mins.

To find exact departure times, routes and prices from any station, use the Jorudan English Train Route Finder and search from Matsumoto to Nagano.

Matsumoto to Nagano By Car

At 74 km, and a nice with some tolls, the drive is pretty easy. While it is possible to navigate yourself, it is so much easier to use either the car’s GPS or the maps on your phone plugged into a car charger. If your car doesn’t have a GPS and you’re not with someone who knows the way, this is one time having a roaming cellphone plan will really come in handy.

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