Nagano City – In & Around Guide

Nagano City Station

Nagano City, population around 400,000, is located 250km north-west of Tokyo. Along with several surrounding villages and towns, the city was host to the 1998 Winter Olympics. Nagano’s history goes far beyond this to the Kamakura period more than 900 years ago, and it has been a place of pilgrimage since.

Around Nagano City

zenkoji temple thumbnailZenkoji Temple.

The destination of countless pilgrims for centuries, and the second busiest place in Nagano City after the station area, Zenkoji Temple receives over 4,000,000 visitors each year. The place is truly historic and a visit is highly recommended…more about Zenkoji Temple.

nagano hotels - nagano cityNagano City Hotels

Nagano has a good range of hotels, a lot of them conveniently located near to the station. Business hotel rooms tend to be a tad small and simple, but prices can be very reasonable and they are always well maintained…more about Nagano hotels & accommodation.

nagano weather extremesNagano Weather Forecast

Though it receives around 3m snow each Winter, the area experiences fairly clear weather through the Winter months. Summer is hot and can get pretty humid, though not as bad as places like Tokyo and Kyoto…click here for more detailed Nagano Weather.

nagano weather - downtown nagano city on a good dayTokyo to Nagano Travel Guide

As we as direct transfers from Narita, Nagano City is easily accessible from Tokyo, Matsumoto, Nagoya and other cities by shinkansen and bus. The shinkansen takes only 90 minutes from Tokyo, the bus around 4 hours…click here more details about how to get to Nagano.

There are a number of great restaurants, bars and izakaya, something to satisfy any appetite and quench any thirst.

Nagano City acts as a hub for transport to Hakuba (bus), Nozawa (bus/train), Shiga (bus), Myoko Kogen (bus/train), and more. The specific ski area pages have detailed access information.

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