Nagano Weather Info & Forecasts

nagano weather extremesNagano weather varies from hot, humid summers to mild winters. Mild compared to the nearby resorts that is – it still drops below -10º in winter. It has a dry climate, with annual precipitation rates some of the lowest in the country. Receiving around 3m snow on average over winter, it is a lot less than what falls in the mountains, but dumps can still be heavy. From 1981-2010, there were an average of 23 snowy days in January!

In the middle of summer (August) the average high is 29º and average low is 21º. It gets humid and sticky, though not as bad as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and the likes. Driving with the windows down from Hakuba, a sunny day drive to Nagano always ends up with a baking hot city, cars with windows up and air conditioners on. Then by evening it is perfect weather for convenience store strollers followed by cold beer, edamame and great food at one of Nagano City’s many izakayas and restaurants.

nagano weather - downtown nagano city on a good daySpring and autumn temperature ranges with cool mornings and hot days when conditions are right, though clouds and cold winds can spoil things.

In the middle of winter (Jan) the average high is 3.5º and the average low -4º. Snowfall isn’t nearly as heavy as in the surrounding mountains, but it is still cold. Go to work, sit in front of your heater, watch videos, these are all good things, but do them on down days from shredding the resorts around the area!

Look below for more Nagano weather links. Yahoo! is the dominant site in Japan, but the Norwegian site is pretty on-the ball too.

External Links

The following are links to other Nagano City weather forecasts. If you are looking for resort specific snow reports click Areas / Resorts above and navigate to the place you are interested in.

  • Yahoo! Japan – in Japanese, but easy to understand
  • – Norwegian weather site, in English